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Adam Gilchrist Challenge (2007)

Adam Gilchrist Trading Challenge 2007

The Adam Gilchrist Challenge - raising money for arthritis - was launched on Thursday, May 31, 2007.

The Winner

And the $50,000 goes to...

Congratulations to the winner of the 2007 challenge Jason Seeto, who finished the innings with a 33.36% strike rate... not bad pocket money for a first year graduate working as an accountant at KPMG.

We are planning to hold another Adam Gilchrist Trading Challenge in 2008.

Watch this space for further details.

Thank you to our supporters, 3 Marketstream, Sanford Securities and Foxtel.

Please note: 75% of registration fee goes to Arthritis research. 25% to admin costs.

The Challenge

Designed for novices and the experienced alike, the Challenge was an online, simulated stock market game that traded hypothetical shares and in doing so, raised crucial funds for arthritis research. "This is a great way to support a great charity," says Australian Test wicketkeeper and batsman, Adam Gilchrist. And everyone wins. "It's what I call a Trading Challenge. People register online for $49.95 and are given an imaginary pot of $50,000 to invest in the stockmarket. The person who increases the pot the most over ten weeks wins a real $50,000. There are weekly prizes and a prize for the person who most closely matches my investment performance - poor sod. And proceeds go to help people with arthritis," says Gilchrist. "I know arthritis affects a lot of people and many of them have been in sport. If you don't have joint problems I think it's easy to think that arthritis is just a minor irritation in life. There is so little research done about something as common as osteoarthritis. Ian Healey has bad arthritis in his hands for instance and it's almost universal among former football players. On a more personal note, arthritis has seriously affected my Dad. "Regardless of who wins, all participants in the Trading Challenge learn a lot about stockmarket investment and gain valuable knowledge. And of course people with arthritis benefit because of the increased research and services from the money the Trading Challenge raises for Arthritis Australia," said Adam Gilchrist. "Arthritis is an umbrella term that relates to more than 100 conditions. People can be affected in all sorts of different ways but the most common symptoms of arthritis are pain, swelling and stiffness in one or more joints and fatigue," explains Ainslie Cahill, CEO of Arthritis Australia. "One in six Australians has arthritis and money raised from the Adam Gilchrist Challenge will fund important research into finding a cure and/or better treatments." This is the second year of the challenge.

The cost to enter the Challenge - which ran over a ten week period - was $49.95. Participants were given $50,000 virtual money to select and run a portfolio. Whoever increases their portfolio the most will win the main prize of $50,000. In addition there were many other prizes. The sponsors of the Adam Gilchrist Challenge were Yahoo!7, 3 Marketstream and Sanford Securities.

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