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Why invest in arthritis research

Research holds the key to more effective treatments of arthritis

The total cost of arthritis to the Australian economy was estimated to be $23.9 billion by Access Economics in 2007. The average cost of arthritis per person per year is $6200; 61% of arthritis costs are borne by the individuals themselves.

Health research and you

Research Australia's Public Opinion Poll (2008) conducted by Crosby Textor, showed that Australians are more worried about developing arthritis than any other disease. Arthritis is seen as a very significant risk, with 43% of Australians rating their lifetime risk as 1 in 10 or more, and only 2% seeing themselves as having no risk.

Arthritis is not yet curable but with early and proper diagnosis as well as a customised management plan, it can be controlled.
Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis has improved markedly as understanding of the disease process improves. With early aggressive therapy using the new designer agents, remission can be achieved in over 50% of patients.

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Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD) 

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD) is the number one scientific journal for original research in rheumatology, provides short research summaries for patients and non-clinicians to accompany selected key research papers published in the journal. These aim to clearly explain the results of the research studies as well as any implications for treatment of the specific condition. The summaries are written in plain language in a consistently structured format and checked for accuracy and readability by expert rheumatologists and EULAR’s patient organisation PARE.

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The Australian Repository for OA Research Action (AROARA)

The Australian Repository for OA Research Action (AROARA) evolved from a meeting of researchers and research funders at an annual Osteoarthritis Summit, who agreed that a stronger collaborative effort was required, to ensure the progress and cost effectiveness of Australian osteoarthritis research. AROARA is an important step to bring together the varied expertise of Australian OA researchers in a synergistic leap ahead.  

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