2019 Federal Election – Speak Up for Arthritis

Take action to have your voice heard!

This election, we are calling on the leaders of the major political parties to commit to funding the National Strategic Action Plan for Arthritis, including:

– Community support programs for people with arthritis

– Better and more affordable arthritis health services

– Research to find better treatments and cures.

Our campaign targets are:

  • Mr Scott Morrison, Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party
  • Mr Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition (Australian Labor Party)
  • Mr Greg Hunt, Minister for Health (Liberal Party)
  • Ms Catherine King, Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare (Australian Labor Party)

Add your voice to the campaign!

Step 1  Email the leaders of the major political parties and their health spokespeople

Just click on the names below to use our handy tool to tell the leaders of the major political parties why they should commit to better care for people with arthritis.

Telling politicians your story in your own words is a powerful way to help them understand the personal impact of arthritis and why better programs are needed. 

We have suggested some text, but telling your own story in your own words will have the most impact. Things you could cover include: how arthritis affects you and your family; the impact on you physically; how it affects your ability to work and your finances and how it affects your hopes and fears for the future.

You may also wish to send a copy of your email to your local MP.  You can search for your local MP on the Australian Parliament House website https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Members


 Step 2 Spread the word  

The more letters and emails politicians receive, the more likely they will be to take action, so share this campaign with your family and friends for even more impact.