Corporate Supporters

Who are our Corporate Supporters?

Adjusta Mattress launched its corporate partnership with Arthritis Australia in 2019 and is committed to supporting the Arthritis community. Adjusta Mattress sells adjustable massage mattresses for the home, boats & caravans. Sleep health is the foundation behind Adjusta Mattress’ vision and core values. The company aims to improve the quality of life for individuals who experience a range of health conditions as well as those who experience poor sleep health through their mattresses unique designs when at home, travelling on the road or at sea.

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About our Corporate Supporters

Our Corporate Supporters recognise our important work to improve the lives of Australians living with arthritis. Companies or brands that carry the “Providing support to Arthritis Australia” logo on their products and marketing material are recognised as Corporate Supporters who generously sponsor Arthritis Australia and its activities.

We would like to thank our Corporate Supporters for their ongoing support and enthusiasm to help reach our vision of freedom from arthritis.

Arthritis Australia works with a range of Supporters to provide quality resources and programs to the Australian arthritis community.

What does the ‘Providing support to Arthritis Australia’ logo mean?

The ‘Providing support to Arthritis Australia’ logo is displayed on product’s and marketing material of brands or companies that are Corporate Supporters in recognition of their financial support and furtherance of our common goal to improve the lives of Australian’s living with arthritis.

It’s their way of showing they support you.

Corporate Supporters of Arthritis Australia provide financial support to the organisation, but we do not endorse the company, brand or product as being beneficial to treat, manage or cure any arthritis condition. Arthritis Australia has not tested or assessed the effectiveness or suitability of the products for arthritis consumers. Consumers should consider if the products are appropriate for their personal circumstances and should always discuss their use of these products with their GP or other appropriate health professional to ensure it is right for them. All consumer health information is independent from influence from Corporate Supporters.

TGA program consultation

Our program was set up in consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), due to the term arthritis being a restricted representation and Arthritis Australia being a patient health organisation. The TGA were supportive of us receiving vital funding through Corporate Supporters, and published the Therapeutic Goods ‘Restricted Representations—Patient Health Organisations Permission 2021’ (issues 12 May 2021) to allow this (to read more visit To align with this permission, all Corporate Supporters that have products that are therapeutic in nature, must not imply their supporter status is an endorsement of the therapeutic use of the therapeutic goods, but instead an endorsement based on valuable consideration. Our logo ‘Providing support to Arthritis Australia’ as been approved by the TGA and reflects this permission.

Interested in becoming a Supporter?

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