Guidelines & research

The Accessible Design Division offers a number of services as well as research to assist you in producing more accessible packaging. If you’re unsure which research and services might assist you, then get in touch and we can guide you through the process.

Food Packaging Accessibility Design Guidelines

Food Packaging Design Accessibility Guidelines

Download the Food Packaging Accessible Design Guidelines, which are a good first point of reference when reviewing and improving packaging design. The guidelines were designed using a wealth of knowledge collected from consumer testing through GTRI.

Labelling Guidelines

Labelling Guidelines

Download the Labelling Guidelines, which are a basic set of recommendations to consider when developing labelling.

Pre-Packaged Meals (PPM) Accessibility Guidelines

Download HealthShare NSW’s Pre-Prepared Meals Accessibility Guidelines. Testing to receive a Packaging Accessibility Rating for the PPM is through ISR and ETO testing click here to find out more.

The GTRI Accessibility and Ease of Use Library

Visit GTRI Accessibility and Ease of Use Library and download monograph ease of use research on Bottles and Jars (Monograph #1)Squeeze Containers (Monograph #2) and Spray Containers (Monograph #3)

Report:  How accessible is food & drink packaging? Industry Perception VS Consumer Reality

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