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Recent news stories on accessibility and hard-to-open packaging:

ABC Radio Brisbane Afternoons Packaging accessibly discussion from 0:00 to 29:40.

by Katherine Feeney | 28 November 2022

PKN News Accessible packaging: easy does it

by Karen McKenzie | July-August 2022

Packaging Europe More than an inconvenience: why accessible packaging matters
by Melina Spanoudi | 16 November 2021

Curtin FM Afternoon – Jenny Seaton interviews Alexandra Brayshaw on accessible design


October 2021 | By Jenny Seaton

The Senior Magazine Hard-to-open packaging targeted as disability groups get busy

September 2021 | By John Piggott

MS News Today Alliance Calls for Accessible Products Design Down Under a USA online publication

September 2021 | By Patricia Inacio PhD

The National Tribune Calls for change as inaccessible product design

September 2021

ABC Radio – AM program Push for more accessible packaging products

September 2021 | By Nas Campanella

ABC Radio – Afternoons with Indira Naidoo (from 3:50 to 20:42)

September 2021 | By Indira Naidoo

Choice Which food packaging causes wrap rage? 

March 2021 | By Rachel Clemons

ABC The World Today Hard-to-open packagings impact on disabled consumers featuring our Consumer Director Charlotte Bachali – From 21:14

February 2021

PKN Packaging News PIDA 2019: Easy-open designs shine

May 2019

Food & Drink Business Accessible packaging added to awards

February 2019

PKN Packaging News Accessibility survey reveals gaps

July | August 2018

Australian Food News Australian ‘Easy-open cup’ range wins global award

May 2018

Australia food News WorldStar Packaging Award for SPC ProVital easy-open cup

December  2017

Sydney Morning Herald Richard Glover: The packaging industry is waging a war against humanity

October 2017

PKN Packaging News Who cares about the baby boomers? 

July | August 2017 By Alexandra Brayshaw

The Advertiser Rex Jory: Why can’t companies produce consumer-friendly packaging

July 2017

Australian Institute of Packaging Newsletter How to meet the needs of the growing ageing population

June 2017 By Alexandra Brayshaw

SBS | The Feed Pre-cut, plastic-wrapped fruit: the internet hates it. Wendy depends on it.

May 2017

PKN Packaging News PIDA AWARDS 2017: Young professionals shine in packaging

March 2017

PKN Packaging News Fruit cup helps save food through packaging

June 2016

PKN Packaging News Packaging saving food in the spotlight

June 2016

The Huffington Post: When Accessibility Gets Labeled ‘Wasteful’ By Kim Sauder

March 2016

Food and Beverage Magazine Australian Institute of Packing introduces Accessible Packaging Design

February 2016 

Media release –  Victorian and NSW hospitals put the patient at centre of procurement process

February 2016 

Packaging News (PKN) Elderly patients welcome easy-open packaging mandate

February 2016

Packaging News (PKN) Study says packaging can leave older consumers feeling powerless By Tony Corbin.

February 2016

Financial Times The Silver Economy: Baby boomers power new age of spending

November 2014

Choice magazine Pack Attack

September 2014

Food Magazine Packaging Accessibility – an ageing issue

September 2014

Packaging news (PKN) Accessible packaging easily opens new market

September 2014 

Food Magazine Ageing population: a missed opportunity for manufacturers?

June 2014

Packaging news (PKN) Gumnut cracks open the business case for accessibility

October 2013

Courier Mail Strongman struggles to open basic household products as wrap rage hits Aussies

September 2013

Sydney Morning Herald Good buys with terrible twists

July 2013

Food Magazine Accessing the market with innovation

July 2012