Impactful Arthritis Research

This report presents recommendations to guide how we direct future investment that is of value to consumers, demonstrates sector leadership and positions Arthritis Australia to leverage government investment through stronger advocacy targets and options for co-investment with government and other philanthropic organisations.


Advocacy targets

  • Economic analysis of the financial, impact of arthritis people’s lives and Australia’s health system and economy.
  • Pilot models of consumer research engagement across one form of arthritis.
  • Capitalise on the increased policy attention on juvenile arthritis through seeking opportunities for partnership with other arthritis charities focused on juvenile arthritis.
  • National survey of people with arthritis to capture their lived experience, the needs of people who are living with the disease and what their research priorities are.

Research investment targets

  • Better Care: coordinated and bundled care with a focus on allied health.
  • Basic Research: causes of arthritis, identification of symptoms, prevention.
  • Priority Populations: arthritis research for populations identified as high priority, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, people living in rural and remote areas, and people with disabilities in managing arthritis.
  • Cross Cutting Research: coordinating funding advocacy efforts with musculoskeletal diseases.

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Impactful Arthritis Research


Last updated November 2022.