Promoting your research study

Website review process

For your study to be considered for placement on the current research studies page of the Arthritis Australia website, please send [email protected] the following information:

  • Approval by your ethics department (please provide the documents)
  • Full particulars of the study including a summary of research, objectives, protocol, locations, dates, what it entails for volunteers, volunteer profile, who to contact to enlist and any other relevant information
  • Information sheets
  • Consent forms
  • A brief study summary for potential placement on the Arthritis Australia website. For sample content, please refer to other studies already posted on the Arthritis Australia website current research studies page.

This information will then be referred to our Medical Director for approval, after which you will be notified of the outcome. You may also be asked for additional information if required.

If approval is granted, your study will be uploaded onto our website.

Once the study has completed recruitment, please notify [email protected] and the study will be moved to the past research studies page.

Social media process

Note: Only research studies that first receive approval for posting on the Arthritis Australia’s current research studies page will be considered for promotion on Arthritis Australia’s social media. Please also note that your study/trial may appear on one or all of Arthritis Australia’s social media platforms (this is at the discretion of the Website and Social Media Officer) and will only be promoted once.

To have your study considered for placement on Arthritis Australia’s social media channels, please provide:

Arthritis Australia’s Website and Social Media Officer is responsible for approval of any social media content and placement is subject to their discretion. Approved content may take up to four weeks to be posted.