Our grants

Arthritis Australia’s National Research Program is open to Australian researchers. Several types of research grants are available.

Applicants are asked to explain in detail how their project will produce a benefit to health consumers e.g., improve quality of life for patients with arthritis and musculoskeletal disease or advance knowledge in clinical areas of therapeutic uncertainty. It is intended that at least one project grant will be allocated specifically to a project with a translational emphasis.

Typically up to $25,000 per annum for short-term projects with well-defined aims, which can be achieved within a 12-month period. In some cases, grants-in-aid will address questions which complement established programs of research. Only new investigators and those undertaking allied health research are eligible for these grants, excluding physiotherapists unless they meet the criteria of a ‘New investigator’ (defined as within six years of receiving their PhD). Previous funding from Arthritis Australia and potential overlap with other sources of funding is taken into account.

Larger amounts of funding (up to $50,000 per annum) for substantial projects which are generally undertaken by experienced researchers to generate important results on their own or to improve the likelihood of achieving government funding.

Up to $50,000, the lead investigator must be a financial ARA member who wishes to conduct a research program in private practice. The applicant must be employed in private practice for more than 60% of work time (applicant must provide statement in section 4). The applicant must have an academic mentor who is an ARA member. The investigator must be based and conduct the research project in Australia. The research is to be conducted within one year.

Up to $100,000, This grant is designed to give a rheumatologist who is about to or has completed advanced training in Rheumatology within the last two years an opportunity to undertake further clinical or research training overseas in an approved institution in any country. This fellowship is funded by the Australian Rheumatology Association Research Fund.

Up to $50,000, this fellowship is designed to support self-development of a trainee/Rheumatologist within Victoria. The purpose of the Award is to encourage Rheumatologists to develop expertise in a clinical or research discipline in Rheumatology and to use that expertise in and for the betterment of Rheumatology in Victoria. Whilst the fellowship may be used for interstate projects, the recipient must be a Victorian trainee or graduate.

Arthritis Australia offers scholarships (up to $50,000) for young science and medical graduates to undertake thesis studies into arthritis and musculoskeletal related disorders at recognised universities. These scholarships provide research training to doctorate or masters level and are designed to develop the intellectual and technical expertise required for a career involving laboratory and/or clinical investigation. Scholarships are intended, in general, to support basic and clinical research training within Australian research units and as a precursor to more advanced study in Australia and overseas. Scholarship awards are for one year.

Research fellowships are available for post-doctoral work or following recently completed rheumatology advanced training. Available for research programs both overseas and in Australia.


We thank all the reviewers who generously donate their time and expertise in helping to ensure that we fund the best possible research projects, and that donors’ money is used in the most effective way. We greatly appreciate their invaluable contributions to the Arthritis Australia Research Program.