Requesting a link to the Arthritis Australia website

Arthritis Australia is approached by many organisations that wish to better inform consumers about arthritis. Due to this high volume of requests, Arthritis Australia has an assessment process where your organisation is required to demonstrate that it provides a specific service to people living with arthritis, and receives a high volume of queries about arthritis. The content and format of the information surrounding the link is assessed before we can accept your request. The following information will assist us to assess your application.


Linking to Arthritis Australia from your website

The link, in the opinion of Arthritis Australia, must appear in a resource section of the website and can in no way be construed to be an endorsement of an organisation’s products or services.

The information should appear with the following explanation:

(Sample only) “Arthritis Australia is the peak body and works on behalf of the nearly four million Australians living with arthritis. Learn more about arthritis and how to manage it by contacting the toll-free Arthritis Infoline on 1800 011 041 or visit our website


Having a link on Arthritis Australia’s Resource links page

Arthritis Australia lists selected consumer groups and government organisations in the Resource links section of its website. Arthritis Australia does not provide links to ‘For Profit’ organisations providing health information.

Arthritis Australia performs due diligence on any organisation to ensure that it meets all of its required standards. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they meet our criteria.

If you believe your organisation meets our criteria, please complete the form below and email the completed form to Arthritis Australia [email protected]