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Arthritis Australia has long been a leader in funding nationally and internationally based research programs to find solutions in the management of Arthritis. Our principle aim has always been to help facilitate and improve the lives of Arthritis sufferers.

In the past 3 years Arthritis Australia has awarded over 17 Fellowships, 4 Scholarships,  38 Project Grants and 15 Grant- in-Aid projects from an annual donation sum of $800,000. The Research Projects are carefully considered by our members of the Grants Assessment Committee. These members are specialists in various medical field as well as representatives of the Australian Rheumatology Association.  As a committee they work tirelessly to ensure that the funding is allocated to the most appropriate programs in their respective categories.

2020 has been an unprecedented year with the COVID 19 pandemic, however this has not stopped 75 % of our researchers to continue their research programs despite the restrictions of face to face contact and the temporary closure of research laboratories.

You will find in this section the final reports of Grants, Fellowships and scholarship recipients. Our researchers explore diverse topics, from 3D printing for cartilage regeneration, to researching links between oral disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis, to improving the diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis.

Despite the reduction in our funding for research in 2020; Arthritis Australia is committed to advocate its future National research program and strive to achieve our main goal: to find solutions to improve the management of the lives of Arthritis sufferers in Australia.