Before applying for research grant funding, you must read the Arthritis Australia Guidelines & Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions documentation.


The AFA-ARA Heald Fellowship

$50,000 AUD

The AFA-ARA Heald Fellowship is available for post-doctoral research programs both overseas and in Australia. Preferentially, it is available for members of the Australian Rheumatology Association (ARA) or applicants working with a member of the ARA. This is for one year only and there will be no renewals, except in rare circumstances e.g. part-time research (preference for research overseas but Australian-based research will be considered).

The Victorian ARA Fellowship

$50,000 AUD

The Victorian ARA Fellowship is designed to support expansive self-development of trainee/rheumatologists within Victoria. The purpose of the award is to encourage rheumatologists to develop expertise in a clinical or research discipline in rheumatology and to use that expertise in and for the betterment of rheumatology in Victoria. ARA members who are advanced trainees or within five years of FRACP are eligible to apply, in support of higher degree studies, post-higher degree research, or specialized clinical training.

Arthritis Queensland’s Allen and Gwen Warren Fellowship

$50,000 AUD

The Arthritis Queensland’s Allen and Gwen Warren Fellowship is a post-doctoral fellowship to support medical and clinical research into treatments for all forms of relevant musculoskeletal conditions and recognised symptoms arising from the conditions e.g. pain. Preference is for a Queensland based graduate who must be agreeable to developing a partnership with Arthritis Queensland (AQ) e.g. participate in relevant AQ marketing campaigns; be able and willing to communicate with AQ stakeholders.