Arthritis Research SNAPSHOT

  • 1m 19s

    The role of systemic inflammation in osteoarthritis pain trajectories

  • 2m 19s

    Immune reconstitution after Stem Cell Transplantation for Scleroderma

  • 1m 24s

    Identifying trajectory predictors in patients with inflammatory disease

  • 1m 34s

    Understanding motivations about exercise before & after a 5-week trial

  • 1m 40s

    Personalised hip joint load modification using real-time biofeedback

  • 56s

    Personalised medicine in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis

  • 59s

    Sleep, pain and physical activity

  • 1m 30s

    Internet-based management for tendinopathy

  • 1m 44s

    Biomechanical contributions to hip osteoarthritis progression

  • 1m 15s

    Comparing dietary oils in patients with osteoarthritis

  • 1m 23s

    What's the link between bad oral health and rheumatoid arthritis?

  • 1m 4s

    Does kneecap pain when you're young mean arthritis later on?

  • 1m 32s

    Can walking help knee osteoarthritis?

  • 1m 7s

    Will targeting the uPA enzyme with new medication help RA symptoms?

  • 46s

    Is falls prevention the missing element in osteoarthritis care?

  • 1m 4s

    Using 3D bioprinting for cartilage regeneration?

  • 1m 7s

    Does targeting pain-related beliefs in people with knee osteoarthritis increase physical activity?

  • 1m 52s

    Predicting knee loading using wearable sensors